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Andy Man's Club is a support group for men to open up about their feelings if they wish to do so. With 190 free support groups and 4500 men using this amazing service, it is a testament to the 1600+ volunteers they have working with them to listen to our men and break down the stigma of Men's Mental Health.


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Hey there! Ever felt a little low and in need of a pick-me-up? Here at CJD: A Different Breed, we believe in the power of clothing to boost your mood and mindset. I'm Chris, the founder, and I get it - I've had my own moments of doubt. But you know what helped me? Surrounding myself with positive vibes through podcasts and self-help reads.

That's when it hit me - our mindset is everything. So, I decided to infuse this belief into our brand. Take our "DOMINATE" hoodie, for example. It started as a personal mantra, and now, it's a daily confidence booster. The best part? Studies show that clothes with positive messages can actually nudge you towards a more optimistic outlook, sparking action.

Imagine kicking off your day wearing a "RISE & GRIND" tee - that's setting the tone right there! At CJD, we're all about creating apparel that motivates and inspires. Our designs aren't just about looks; they're about empowering you to embrace your unique self, all while staying comfy and stylish.

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Positive messages on clothing have been shown to boost mindset and mood

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